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Top Features to Help Organize Your Evernote®

Push to Zapier

When your triggers match in Tuskify, push details of your note and recipe to Zapier!

Recurring Reminders

When your reminder becomes due, automatically add another reminder.

Tag Hierarchy

Assign your tag hierarchy to child tags so you can search for parent tags and return all children.

Evernote® Search Terms

Use Evernote's® Search Grammar to build your triggers for fine control over your notes.

Business Users

Full support for business users! Apply your recipes to notes created by users within your business.

GTD (Getting Things Done®)

Increase your productivity with GTD! Automatically organize your notes using the GTD methodology.

Auto Tag Suggestions

Tuskify Tagger is an extension for Google Chrome that suggests relevant tags based on your note content.

Remove the limits on your productivity and start organizing your Evernote® today!

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Push To Zapier

Integrate your recipes with 750+ apps when you integrate Zapier with Tuskify!

How about connecting Tuskify to Google Calendar to create an event when you add a note with a reminder? Or adding a new to do item to Todoist when your note contains a checkbox? The possibilities are endless!

See our article on integrating with Zapier for more details.

Recurring Reminders

Ever wanted to have reminders repeat every day, week, month or even year? Tuskify allows you to search for reminders that are due and automatically add another reminder to your note.

Never miss another important date again by creating recurring reminders to alert you automatically.

See our Recurring Reminder example for more details.

Auto Tag Suggestions

Part of the problem with keeping Evernote® organized is knowing what tags to add to your notes.

Tuskify Tagger is an extension for Google Chrome that integrates with the Evernote website to help you add relevant tags to your notes.

Simply write your notes in Chrome as you normally would and Tuskify Tagger suggests relevant tags based on what you've written. Any tags that are found will be suggested, providing an easy shortcut to add them to your note.

Check out Tuskify Tagger in the Chrome Web Store.

Tag Hierarchy

Tags are one of the best ways to keep notes organized and nested tags (tags within tags) give you a great level of control.

But what if you want to search for all tags within a hierarchy? Currently you have to search for all tags within the top-level tag.

With Tuskify it is possible to search using just the top-level tag, by automatically adding your tag hierarchy to child tags.

See our Tag Hierarchy example for more details.

Evernote® Search Terms

One of Evernote's® greatest features is search. Without it, finding your notes could be a daunting task.

With Tuskify you can build triggers that use the same Evernote® Search Grammar to allow you to find your notes as easily as if you were doing it yourself.

Tuskify supports all search keywords, including author, todo and location. See our Location example for more details.

Business Users

Tuskify fully supports Evernote Business users. Business Owners can have the greatest level of organization with the ability to add recipes that will be applied to their user's business notes.

Business Owners can invite users within their business to join Tuskify so the business recipes will be run against their notes.

And to give users in your business greater control, the Business Owner can invite other users to be Business Admins to allow them to create and manage business recipes too.

See our Business example for more details.

GTD (Getting Things Done®)

Getting Things Done® is an excellent tool to maintain control of even the most stressful parts of your life. Tuskify is the perfect way to implement GTD within your Evernote world.

GTD comprises of five steps: Capture, Clarify, Organize, Reflect and Engage. This method is proven to successful in applying order to chaos. But your notes need to be reviewed and controlled on a regular basis for this to work.

This is where Tuskify can help... Everyone's implementation of GTD is different, but if you have regular steps you take to review and organize you notes, Tuskify can do it for you!

See our GTD example for more details.