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Show Me the Basics

Show me the basics of using Tuskify.

Read Later on Kindle

Send notes to my Kindle so I can read them later.

Never Miss a Deal

Add the tag coupon to my notes that contain the words "deal", "discount" or "coupon".

Read All About It

When I clip an article on www.yahoo.com, add the tag unread to my note.

Start From Scratch

Feeling creative? Start my recipe from scratch.

Recurring Reminders

Create a recurring reminder every 7 days.

Overdue Reminders

When I add the tag urgent or overdue to a note, add a reminder for tomorrow.

Scanned Notes

Move invoices that I've scanned with my phone to my Invoices notebook.

Reminders For Your To Do's

Add a reminder to my notes that have to do's.

Complete Done To Do's

When I've done my to do's, set the reminder to complete.

Getting Things Done (GTD) Part 1

Easily identify my notes that are due now.

Getting Things Done (GTD) Part 2

Organize my notes that are to be done next.

Review Yesterday's Notes

Review my notes that I created yesterday.

Organize Notes By Location

Tag my notes that I create at a specific location.

Lengthen Abbreviated Notes

Easily lengthen abbreviations in my note titles.

More coming soon.